I’m a feeder

I recently watched That Sugar Film, on everything wrong with (the) sugar “industrial complex” and consumption, and here I am feeding my bees 15 kilograms of this dreaded substance. I made my own feeder based on a design I saw a few years ago. It’s basically a tub with a hole and over the hole a tube though which the bees can enter. Around the tube is a floating platform and around that and over the end of the tube is the bottom end of a pet bottle so the bees can’t enter the tub of sugar syrup and drown.

bee feederEarlier I was using a commercial 2 liter feeder, but great numbers of bees died retrieving the syrup, they drowned in the syrup, evident in the picture on the right from an earlier post. I should have added straw then (hay forms a base for fungus growth in syrup, straw doesn’t) on which the bees could escape the syrup but didn’t have any last year. The tub fits about 6 liters of syrup (only about 4 in the above picture) which doesn’t require as many visits for me and there is no lull between where the feeder has been emptied and I fill it again. So only positives. This is the first time trying this setup so I’ll soon know if it works or not. I’ll update this post when I have been to check on the bees in a day or two.